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Super Smash Hoes is a feminist media platform seeking to smash the patriarchy one post at a time.​

Fahreen founded Super Smash Hoes the podcast in 2019. The goal has been to bring a voice to the Japanese and Asian feminist movement. The podcast explores various topics including feminism, pop culture, politics and history. It wasn’t long before Fahreen realized she wanted to expand the project beyond audio and enter the blogging world.

The blog provides a space for contributing writers and readers to engage with feminism and politics on a broader scale. I wanted to create a space to share my personal thoughts in written form and for anyone else who is interested to share their thoughts here. I also see a need within the feminist community in Japan to connect, organise and mobilise. I hope to provide a space where we can highlight activists and connect those who share the same goals of progressing towards a society that is more equal through exchanging ideas. 

It is important t to emphasise that feminism doesn't equal matriarchy. Women suffer from patriarchy but so do men and others who do not fit into molds set forth and maintained by society. Feminism, in my view, imagines a society where all individuals are accepted and allowed to live the way they want to regardless of their gender or other identities. See more about what we think feminism means here, in this article titled "What is Feminism?" 

I really hope you enjoy this platform. I hope to grow with you all so if you have any ideas about how we can improve this website, please let us know! We hope to add more pages and articles here with more time. 

Smashing the Patriarchy one post at a time.





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