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Celebrating 365 Days of Smashing the Patriarchy

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

By: Fahreen 

I am in absolute awe that we have reached this milestone! THANK YOU to all our supporters for helping us smash the patriarchy this past year! 

Illustration by @f_sohns

We are so lucky to have you all on this journey with us! From those of you who have appeared on the podcast as guests to contributors for the website and followers on social media who engage with our content! All of you have made this year possible. 

Over the past year we have released 20 podcasts episodes and 10 of those episodes have been interviews with other members of the social justice community! Our goal has always been to highlight voices of those on the margins and those working to activate social change. Our podcast and the conversations had on it continue to fuel and inspire us.

With over 3,000 plays we hope to keep growing over the next year and reach new audiences and demographics. 

When looking back over the past year we have been incredibly fortunate in getting to grow our community and partake in various events. A few weeks after we aired our very first episode Super Smash Hoes did a pop-up at Tokyo Love Hotels where we sold consent condoms. This was our first event and there were definitely some hiccups and awkward moments along the way, like having 300 condoms show up at my brothers apartment with no warning lol. But we learned so much about putting out merch, the importance of doing your research and how to best reach your audience. Our experience with the Love Hoe team was unparalleled. Kalin and Robin helped guide us through the entire process and were always there to help us! 

Our podcast audience is 66% female, 28% male and 5% non-binary. We can and will do better at making our platform more diverse.

 We were also super honoured to partake in Volume 1 of VIVACI TOKYO alongside other amazing individuals who advocate for empowerment ! This documentary highlighted various themes around empowerment for women and LGBTQ+ individuals by conducting interviews with members of the fashion, art, and music industry. It was a real honour to be interviewed for this project. Just by watching the documentary and listening to the responses of other interviewees I learned so much! 

More recently Super Smash Hoes co-organized the “Reflections on Racism” and “Reflections on Discrimination” webinars with Yukari Peerless. Following the Black Lives Matter movement and protests in the United States we felt a need to discuss racism in a contextually appropriate way for a Japanese audience. The event featured a panel of speakers who have experienced living in Japan and grappled with discrimination in their own lives. Hearing from a diverse range of individuals was truly empowering for us. It was a pleasure to work with Yukari on this project! 

On Instagram our "Feminist Questions" filter has over 17,000 impressions (WOAH!)

There have been many moments throughout the past year where we struggled, we laughed, we learned, and we messed up. Overall though, it was an amazing year and we cannot wait to continue on this journey. 

54% of our audience is from Japan, 21% is from the United States and 7% from Canada.

As we look to the next year we hope to keep growing our community by smashing the patriarchy through all our new ventures. Today on our 1st Birthday we wanted to tease our newest endeavor: The Super Smash Book Club. This virtual book club aims to center the importance of continued education for social justice and will help us “smash the patriarchy one book at a time!”. If you are interested in receiving more information about the book club please register your details in the google link below and we will send our more information shortly! 

Book Club Registration of Interest:

Thank you all again for 365 days of smashing the patriarchy! 

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